An expert opinion assists buyers and sellers finalizing transactions to the satisfaction of both parties, as well as assists in the determination of the status of key items in a collection for estate purposes.

Service – My opinion (genuine / forgery / fake) in writing on a certificate bearing a black and white image of the subject, tied to the certificate by an embossed seal. If no opinion can be determined, the opinion fee is returned in full. This service is limited to Canada and the provinces only, and is based on over 33 years of experience researching and writing about the genuine, forgeries and fakes of B.N.A. No other person has written as extensively on this area of philately.

Unique items of great rarity or value may be advised to proceed to a second opinion from a service of my recommendation.
Fees – $20 Cdn. / U.S. per item.

Additional Fees – Return postage is required. I accept no liability for postal handling in either direction. Registered / insured is recommended for higher priced items. Package the item to sustain postal handling.

Application process. e-mail to kpugh@shaw.ca a description of what you wish to have an opinion. You may also phone me (604-858-0544).
If there is agreement to continue, send the item(s) with appropriate payment and return postage. Other than the initial e-mail or phone, there are no submission forms.

Your item will be returned as quickly as possible (in most cases, much faster than other services).

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