(1977 – 1981)

A great number of philatelists contributed to Series I by sharing information, and allowing the author to photograph their collections.
These photographs of both fakes, forgeries and genuine issues are the backbone of the Pugh reference manuals. Many of these philatelists have since passed away, but the author will always recognize their achievements and contributions.
The American Philatelic Soc.

Mike Anderman

George Arfken

Gilles Asselin

Rev. John S. Bain

Andrew Barber

Marcel Baril

James S. Beal

Claude Beaulac

Marc Beaupre

Jack Benningen

Kasmir Bileski

Dr. Werner M. Bohne

Dr. B.M. Brahin

J.H. Carpenter

R.V.C. Carr

Dr. M.W. Carstairs

Beverly A. Clark

Stuart Clark

S.F. Cohen

D.A. Colp

Dr. Earle Covert

Lois Cully

Ken Daniels

V.B. Drozd

Harry Duckworth Jr.

Fred E. Eaton

Chuck Emery

Charles Erickson

Thomas Farion

David Gronbeck-Jones

Peter de Groot

Calvet M. Hahn

E.A. Hamlin

A.D. Hanes

Cyril H.C. Harmer

Jim A. Hennok

Herman Herst Jr

Tom Hirschlinger

Eugene H. Holmok

A. Horovenko

Dr. H.J. Hughes

Carl E. Kane

G.M. Knudsen

James E. Kraemer

John Jamieson

Jon Johnson

W.E. Lea

Earl C. Leazer

Robert A. Lee

James C. Lehr

R.D. Leith

Dr. M. Lovitt

Robson Lowe

Lewis M. Ludlow

Stanley Lum

S. Mackie

Richard K. Malotte

George E.L. Manley

J.M. McCrea

Sam Nickle

Brian Noble

E.D. Palmatier

Rick Parama

Ed Parker

The Philatelic Foundation

James A. Pike

Robert A. Pratt

Walter Rassan

Hans Reiche

John C. Ross

Royal Can. Mounted Police

Bill Sach

R.J. Schwerdt

Peter Singer

Victor Spielbergs

Jack C. St. Laurent

Stanley Gibbons Ltd.

Dr. F. Stulberg

Brian Symonds

Jeff Taylor

Elizabeth M. Todd

Gary D. Tomasson

Varro E. Tyler

William Uzanski

H.G. Walburn

George S. Wegg

John Wheeler

Harold Wilding

Keith K. Williams

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