Additional forgeries not described or illustrated in published releases.

As releases are published, they represent the information available to the author at the time of publishing. If you have any fakes or forgeries not described in the release you have, please report it to the author. Important are additional shades, perforations, papers and cancellations.

New discoveries are out there! Illustrated below is an example the author discovered after receiving a copy of “The work of Jean de Sperati including previously unlisted forgeries” by Robson Lowe and Carl Walske.

Illustrated in the Lowe / Walske reference is a new Newfoundland 4d Type D with a killer cancellation. Only one recorded copy was known, in the scarlet vermilion shade. Describing the flaws specific to this new forgery type was a problem, as it was difficult to determine consistency based on one copy.

When the author examined his reference collection of Sperati forgeries, a Type D was found, in light scarlet-vermilion, and unused.

That makes a total of two 4d Type D Sperati forgeries known to exist! There should be more, and if you find one, please report it here.

Based on two recorded copies, some of the criteria listed by Lowe and Walske no longer apply. Other criteria are present in both copies and are listed below.

Type D flaws.

1. A small dot under the lower left point of the lower left “4″.

2. The top of the “O” of “4″ is broken.

3. The top vertical serif at the right horizontal of the lower right “4″ is very thin.

4. The top frame line of the upper right numeral box is broken.

Sperati 4d
(B.N.A. Release 1 – Sperati forgeries)

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