Who made the fakes attributed to Andre Frodel?

When the hoard of Andre Frodel fakes and forgeries were turned over to the Vancouver Police by Fred Eaton, a great number of additional fakes and forgeries also made their way into the collection. All of these were back stamped “Forgery / Andre Frodel” or similar wording, but none of these were the work of Frodel. Included were Port Hood provisionals, O.H.M.S. perfins and overprints, maple leaf, numeral, admiral and airmail surcharges, Ottawa and B.C. crown cancels, and the 1865 British Columbia $1.00 issue. It has been suggested that many of these “Frodels’ were the hand of Alex MacMaster. The B.C. surcharge issue may have been made by a Col. Scott of San Francisco. Other fakes may have been the work of forgers in Calgary and Winnipeg. Information on these fakes and forgeries attributed to Andre Frodel is appreciated.

Question 5 Frodel 1 Question 5 Frodel 2
(B.N.A. Release 17 – Fakes and forgeries attributed to Andre Frodel)

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