British Columbia surcharged forgeries
attributed to Andre Frodel

These forgeries of the 1867 – 1871 British Columbia Surcharged Issue have been attributed to Andrew Frodel. Fred Eaton even had a hand stamp made up stating so, but they are not Frodel’s work. Frodel was a paper expert, and made excellent fakes, forgeries and bogus fantasies but all by manipulating paper. These B.C. forgeries are typographed, and Frodel simply had no typography skills. Alex MacMaster did, and probably printed these from plates supplied by Eaton, but who made the plates (now in the National Archives)? One source observed that these forgeries and other unsurcharged “essays” appeared in Eaton auction sales shortly after Eaton visited a Col. Scott in San Francisco. Who was Col. Scott?

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(B.N.A. Release 17 – Fakes and forgeries attributed to Andre Frodel)

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