During the course of researching this publishing project, many questions and problems surfaced that the author would appreciate assistance in solving. Some of these are simply missing values to a set of forgeries, or who the maker was. Other problems are more complex.

This part of the web site is an invitation for all philatelists to participate in a forum to share what they know with the author.

The questions are listed blow, with a link to the question in more detail and illustrations. Responses may be sent to the author at kpugh@shaw.ca. Please cite the question number and the release number.

All responses will be answered, and contributors recognized in the release text, and on this web site. (see Contributors).

If possible, the author would prefer to physically examine any forgery you may have, but if that is not possible, high resolution scans at 1200 dpi (stamps) or 600 dpi (covers) would be appreciated. Items not sent for examination would require basic data such as measurements (o.1mm), colour (Stanley Gibbons Colour Key), perforation (Stanley Gibbons Instanta perforation gauge), paper thickness (thin, medium, thick) and any other relevant information.


Question Release Problem or Question
1. 1,3,5,6 Additional fakes and forgeries
2. 10 Oneglia catalogues and price sheets.
3. 15 Info on the pence issue similitudes.
4. 13 Expansion of the Frodel inventory.
5. 2, 5, 17 Who made the “non-Frodel” fakes?
6. 11 Expansion of the Prosser progressive die proof inventory.
7. 14 Fohl Stationery forgery paste-ups mystery.
8. 17 Who made the B.C. “1 Dollar 1” forgeries?
9. 17 Who made the B.C. trial colour essays?
10. Who made the B.C. “Spiro” sheets of 25?
11. 9 Additional Ottawa Crown covers needed.
12. 9 B.C. Crown Type A cover needed.
13. 7 Who else made the P.E.I bogus ship forgeries besides S.A. Taylor?
14. 8 2006 Laser coil postal counterfeit image.
15. Missing value stationery forgeries.

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